Artifact · 10.02.19 · The tournament is over
Rules for participation in Artifact Weekend Cup
Tournament Rules

1.Tournament format:

1.1. Game format: 1v1;

1.2. Game mode: Constructed - participants are using pre-assembled decks;

1.3. Game settings:
timer: Tournament timer;
deck rules: Standart decks;
The “Show deck” option must be turned off.

1.4. Match format: best of 1 and best of 3.

1.5. The minimum required amount of participants - 4. In case if there are less then 4 participants, Organizers have an option to cancel or reschedule the tournament.

2. Artifact match rules:

2.1. The winner of the bo3 match is the player who won 2 games against his opponent. If it’s a bo1 match, the winner has to win 1 game .

2.2. In case if the decisive game of the match is drawn, players must play one more game to define the winner.

2.3. Players will be provided with a Steam-chat link before the tournament is started. Players must join the Steam-chat of the tournament to host and join the game.

2.4. The game must be hosted by the player sitting on the left side in the match on tournament platform;

2.5. To host the game player must go to “Social Play” > “Open Play” > “Create new open game” in Artifact client. Players must choose Steam-chat as the tournament chat, so other participants can see hosted games. The description of the game should be the same as the match name on the tournament platform, so your opponent can find it.

2.6. Players are allowed to use their own custom decks and edit them before the matches.

2.7. After the match is finished, the winner has to submit the match result with the screenshots attached.

3. Disqualifications:

3.1. If the player is late by more then 10 minutes for the match, he will be awarded with a technical defeat.

3.2. Using a heavy verbal abusement during the matches will lead to a disqualification. A screenshot with offensive statements must be submitted to the referees as evidence. Disqualification takes effect only after referee’s confirmation.

3.3. If participant registered in the tournament more then once, all of his teams will be disqualified.

3.4.If player recieves a technical defeat for failure to appear in the tournament, he is getting BANNED from tournament platform for 24 hours

4. «Disconnect», remake, pause:

A “disconnect” is considered to be any break in the network connection during a match due to a system, network, computer, voltage problems, etc.

4.1. If a player is suffering any technical difficulties he has the right to pause the game.

4.2. If a player is disconnecting during the match, the opponent must pause the game at least for 3 minutes. If a player is not reconnecting to the game in 3 minutes, the opponent has to contact the referee in match chat on tournament platform and wait for the referee to respond, while the game is paused. If the game with a player disconnected was not paused by his opponent, the opponent might be disqualified by referee’s decision.

4.3. If the game was remade, players must use the same decks.

4.4. In bo3 and bo5 matches, the interval between games should not exceed 10 minutes.

5. Other conditions:

5.1. The decision of the referee in any situation is final and not negotiable.

5.2. Tournament Organizer has the right to change and edit the Tournament Rules.

5.3. Tournament referees: F.A.Q..

5.4. Official broadcasters: F.A.Q..

5.5. The organizer of the Tournament reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or other contacts with the participants of the Tournament except in the cases listed in Tournament Rules.